• Are your products safe for use during pregnancy?  Yes, the entire collection is safe to use during pregnancy.  The lush oils are perfect to protect your skin during this precious time.
  • Can you recycle the violet bottles?  The environment is of paramount importance to us.  And we offer an experience of luxury without the extra unnecessary packaging that is so acceptable and prevalent in luxury skincare.  We refuse to go down this route.  We strongly say no and will continue to innovate new ways (i.e., recycle, reuseable) of "our idea" of packaging.  Our beautiful violet bottles can be reused as gorgeous bud/flower vessels.  In fact, they will last much longer than if being held in clear glass.
  • Are all your ingredients Organic?   We source th highest quality of ingredients we possibly can.  While certified organic is of importance, the vitality and freshness of the final product is more so.