"Ireland's answer to eternal youth. Nailed by Fiona Carr, and her wizardry on the West Coast of Ireland. I want to lick this stuff, it's that good.  Because there's no water in any of her Barechic range, there's no need for preservatives or chemical gums.  They are 100% Snazz, all natural, cold pressed, no synthetics, parabens, sulphates or petroleum based derivatives. I can understand absolutely everything on the label-rare for the cosmetic industry..."
Susan Jane White
BareChic Skin is obsessed with organic, raw ingredients. The goodness is incomparable. It is a skincare collection simple yet sophisticated, full of delicious, nutritious plant oils that soothe and make one more radiant. All products are hand blended and hand poured in the West of Ireland. Nothing is outsourced. All ingredients are organic where possible, fairly traded, sustainable, raw and unrefined, as close to nature as possible. They are housed in beautiful violet glass which protects the vitality of the ingredients. We only use pure botanical and aromatic oils.
All Photos by: Jo Murphy <www.joanne-murphy.com>