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BareChic Skin

Luxe Organic Skincare

green organic skincare

Elemental. Luxe. Pure.

In the beginning...

It all started in a bookshop in L.A nearly twenty years ago now. As an artist I made a beeline for the art/art history section, looking for a new art book or artist to devour, I never got there. Something, somehow stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know what you want to call it…the future...maybe, but this something in my mind or heart or maybe both said turn around and there my eyes landed on a book called "Beauty, The New Basics" by Rona Berg.

I took it down, turned a page, then another, I was obsessed. It had me hook, line and sinker.

It blew the lid off the cosmetics industry. How much we are seduced by a fancy pot and how little we understand about skincare ingredients. Shouldn't we care just as much about them as food ingredients?

How we are brainwashed into thinking we need this cream or that or how they try to convince us ageing is bad and unattractive. Bottom line…that book made me examine what I was putting on my skin.

I have always loved lotions and potions, possibly due to the iconic art deco drawing of the lady on the Oil of Olay bottle {or Oil of Ulay in my day}. That powdery pink lotion held a quiet fascination for me. But I looked at it in a totally different light the day I brought home Rona Berg's book.

Instead of going out to replace my skincare, I made it. I read every book about skincare ingredients, plant oils, skin health I could lay my hands on. I was obsessed, a maniac with bottles and pots of this and that. I couldn't stop, not then, not now. 

Thank you dear Rona Berg, you lit a fire in my belly that will never die.

I am still painting, just now it's all about layering plant oils, natural waxes and butters, different textures infused with potent extracts, deliciously scented and imbued with magical aromatic oils.

I blend, swirl, combining, merging, bringing together an alchemic potion to rejuvenate, nourish, soothe and smooth, until the chosen ingredients sing together.

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Featured In


Ireland's answer to eternal youth. Nailed by Fiona Carr, and her wizardry...I want to lick this stuff, it's that good.

Susan Jane

This body oil is one of the most luscious body oils I have ever used. It smells divine and has the most beautiful glisten.

Alison Canavan "Sunday Independent"

The One To Watch

A tiny Irish artisan set to flourish is Fiona Carr's BareChic Skin: pure serums...created in the west of Ireland...she is passionate about avoiding synthetics or chemicals.

Sarah Halliwell "The Gloss-Irish Times"