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We do not want to complicate your skincare, we want you to take time out for you. To quietly unburden yourself and slowly reconnect with yourself. To get to know your skin, to touch, to massage, move, glow. You are perfect the way you are. We are here to gift you a little bit more of

Rose of the world highly nutritious and vitamin rich formula works with mature skin and acne and oily prone complexions. it helps minimise fine lines and sun damage, reduces and helps control sebum. transforms, rejuvinates, plumps and preserves.

Rose Of The World

Introducing Rose Of The World.  A sublime oil serum concentrate composed of exquisite CO2 extracts and virgin cold pressed nut, fruit and seed oils.  Enhanced by the Queen of Flowers Rose Damask.

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BareChic Skin was in Harpers Bazaar Magazine Australia. A premier magazine that we were proudly displayed and mentioned in.
BareChic Skin was in THE GLOSS of the Irish Times. Sarah Halliwell beaty editor featured us.
The Sunday Independent Alison Canavan featured us in body mind and spirit.
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BareChic Skin winner of beauty shortlist awards 2018 editors choice.
BareChic Skin beauty shortlist awards mama & baby awards editor choice 2017.