Rose Of The World

Introducing Rose of the World.  A sublime oil serum concentrate composed of exquisite CO2 extracts and virgin cold pressed nut, fruit and seed oils.  Enhanced by the Queen of Flowers Rose Damask.

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Praise for Rose of the world


Susan Jane White Author and Sunday Independent Columnist

"Deeply nourishing for tired skin, and naturally uplifting with its rosie pigment.  Pure, unadulterated goodness from Fiona the absolute wizard."


Amanda Nordell Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nurse

"I have been using this luscious serum for my home facial Gua Sha routine, and I love it. I have super sensitive skin, this serum soothes and does not aggravate.  I also notice an improvement for broken capillaries and general plumpness. The scent is really beautiful, I also love the colour and consistency- it's a game changer for ageing skin."


Emily Rainsford Ryan Artist

"Well-named, Rose of the World serum is rose-petal soft on your skin, like a luxurious velvet layer, yet doesn't feel heavy. It is softly tinted to give a warm glow which means I often wear it instead of any foundation. And the scent! Like all of Fiona's oils, they smell amazing but not overpowering. This is definitely one of my favorites.:

BareChic Skin

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BareChic Skin's collection of lux oil serums hand poured using organic raw and unrefined botanical and aromatic oils

Elemental. Luxe. Pure.

Blue Flower face serum Sanchi Inchi and Argan oil essential oils from peru with Gua Sha facial collaboration for skin glow, hydration, calming, firming, and stimulating the skin for an overall revitalisation.

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Ireland's answer to eternal youth. Nailed by Fiona Carr, and her wizardry...I want to lick this stuff, it's that good.

Susan Jane White

This body oil is one of the most luscious body oils I have ever used. It smells divine and has the most beautiful glisten.

Alison Canavan "Sunday Independent"

The One To Watch

A tiny Irish artisan set to flourish is Fiona Carr's BareChic Skin: pure serums...created in the west of Ireland...she is passionate about avoiding synthetics or chemicals.

Sarah Halliwell "The Gloss-Irish Times"